Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Owing to the digital shift towards mobile devices, employees can truly work from just about anywhere.  But in order to stay productive, mobile employees need access to company resources and data from any device, at any location.  And IT Managers need to simply make peace with the fact that many employees would be bringing their own mobile devices and applications into the workplace. However, this not only results in additional devices to manage, but also additional security threats including the risk of losing corporate data. Under such a situation, companies need a way to efficiently control their data and the ways of sharing it. Small and medium sized businesses face an even greater challenge, since they lack the resources to properly manage all these new devices and applications.

A cloud solution provides the most cost-effective way of securing company-information in today’s work-from-anywhere culture. The BYOD trend is forcing organizations to adopt cloud-based services for Mobile Device Management (MDM).

As an owner of a small business or an IT manager at a mid-sized business, you might have several doubts and questions in your mind regarding this. Rest assured, we’re here to answer them for you.