Managed Services

Managed Services Overview

We provide small and medium sized businesses with enhanced employee-productivity tools. CirTekPro offers Microsoft O365 services, workflow management solutions, mobile device management, and managed IT services that provide desktop support, email & communications, file sharing, data backup & restore, network security, data management, disaster recovery, and asset management & monitoring.

Our managed services empower your employees with the proper tools that increase their productivity, seamlessly secure their most valuable information and streamline IT operations. Experts at CirTekPro can serve as your own comprehensive IT team, effectively reducing your expenses on recruitment, training, and technology infrastructure. Alternately, if you have an IT team of your own, we can supplement or complement their capabilities, thereby increasing their capacity and productivity.

How we deploy managed services?

The following pointers will help you better understand how we deploy our managed services.

Managed services provide you

CirTekPro’s comprehensive Managed Service (package) provides you with the following:

  • Daily system and infrastructure monitoring with alerts
  • Weekly reports
  • Monthly reviews
  • Quarterly roadmap planning and forecasting to highlight risk areas
  • Annual budgeting, compliance and risk mitigation planning

CirTekPro focuses on managing your IT platforms, services and infrastructure, allowing you to focus on your business and supporting your customers. With CirTekPro managed services, we apply our knowledge and experience to manage your infrastructure, applications, and IT operations, improving your business while also controlling costs. We begin by assessing your current environment and needs, followed by developing a roadmap for success that outlines a path towards optimal productivity. Once the path forward is clear, we develop and implement the solutions.

But what if the path forward is muddled? That is when we work in an agile state, working with whatever knowledge is available to us at the time. Once the solutions are deployed and stabilized, we begin ongoing monitoring and maintenance to ensure the desired business outcomes are being achieved.
Whether you are looking to modernize your IT infrastructure, reduce IT costs or downtime, improve team productivity, or not having to worry about something that isn’t working as expected, the CirTekPro managed service model is the solution for you.

Why IT Service Provider as a Partner?

The benefits of working with CirTekPro in a Managed Service model are that you can:

  • Reverse the trend in IT budget allocations. Instead of only spending 20% of your IT budget on new initiatives and 80% into maintaining existing systems you can prioritize and better allocate your budgets to IT initiatives that have an impact on the business.
  • Expect the following outcomes:
    • Proactive IT infrastructure management that empowers the business
    • Meeting service level objectives to keep your business operating at full capacity
    • Efficient running of current technologies and platforms (cloud, mobile, security)
    • Business ready solutions to empower your information workers
    • Access to knowledge and technical skills to fix a broad set of issues
    • Predictable IT spend that provides capabilities of a higher level, in contrast to utilizing a full in-house team
Business Process Outsourcing

Managed Service Packages

CirTekPro provides below packages, Contact Us to get more details: