Cost Estimating Office 365

We at CirTekPro realize that most IT departments utilize a mixture of technologies. That is the primary reason we offer systems integration and support for AWS, Open Source, and many other platforms and in addition to Microsoft. We did not immediately choose to deploy Office 365. We had options. So what’s the CirTekPro story? Why did we adopt Office 365 other Microsoft cloud services? Why should you consider it?

On average, Office 365 saves you about 30%, depending on how many of the features they implement.

We could not ignore the savings. As an organization with employees working all over the country, the inability to work from anywhere at any time will translate to decreased or lost revenue.

For those of you considering Office 365 (or you have licenses within your Enterprise Agreement), it is important to compare costs and benefits of Office 365 before you implement/upgrade premise licenses. I invite to consider the following:

When we moved our office location, our ‘disruption’ was almost ZERO. Office 365 (and Azure services) provided uninterrupted business continuity.

Your time and resources are also valuable
Office 365 enables you to align your resources to your most important priorities:

  • Enable users to securely work from anywhere
  • Control device and data access with enterprise grade tools
  • Re-focus your IT resources on more strategic projects

If you have already implemented Office 365, I invite you to consider the increased IT and device management benefits of Enterprise Mobility Suite. It’s like Office 365 MDM on steroids. In short, Office 365 MDM lets you define information access within the Office 365 applications; Enterprise Mobility Suite extends the management access to other application or device; and it extends System Center management to devices.

Office 365 + EMS is the Modern Secure Office

Enterprise Mobility Suite added to Office 365 helps you to:

  1. Increase data and device security
  2. Protect your organization against the changing nature of security breach threats
  3. Protect your information from the data source to the device and wherever the information is sent

We want to connect with you!

Whether you are looking for an Identity and Access Management solution or how to enable BYOD with Office 365, we have experienced business consultants and systems engineers that can design specific solutions mapped to your requirements.

Ready to get started? Call us at 1 425 256 2393 or 425-285-9359 for a 30 minute cloud assessment to help you understand what it will take to resolve your issues

Rajashree Varma-CEO/Founder

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