BYOD made easy with Microsoft EMS

How many devices do you use? On an average, workers use between 3-5 PC and mobile devices to get their work done. Some of these devices are corporate-owned, others are user owned. Whether you believe the growth in devices is fueling the cloud industry, or that the cloud industry is fueling the proliferation of devices; the IT and business environment has been and is being transformed.

The use of cloud applications is the new normal; without the benefits cloud provides, the use of multiple devices would have limited value

76% of all network intrusions are due to compromised user credentials

How do you support user access and protect your information without adding IT overhead?

Enterprise Mobility Suite automates policy management

Microsoft Enterprise Management Suite (EMS) is a cloud enabled solution that extends the value of Office 365 with premium identity and device management. It is integrated with your current Active Directory configuration and can be managed with your System Center solution. This creates a single point of control for IT.

Cloud applications create IT flexibility and challenges

The increased use of cloud based CRM, storage, ERP, and virtual computing is driving both SMB and enterprise organizations to hybrid cloud environments.

Enterprise Mobility Suite helps you to:

  1. Know who is accessing what data
  2. Ensure all devices are properly updated with your security policies
  3. Selectively wipe your data from compromised or lost devices
  4. Control where your data is sent, both inside and outside of your organization
  5. Track abnormal activity on your servers;–Identify a threat before the damage occurs

Office 365 + EMS is the Modern Secure Office

If you have not yet implemented Office 365 we want to talk to you; the financial benefits are real. Our clients realize the financial and productivity benefits because we implement everything; SharePoint, Skype for Business, OneDrive, and Exchange Online. It’s rare that a new solution can help you save money and increase your productivity without compromising security or flexibility–this solution does Just That. Can we talk?

We want to connect with you!

Whether you are looking for an Identity and Access Management solution or how to enable BYOD with Office 365, we have experienced business consultants and systems engineers that can design specific solutions mapped to your requirements.

Ready to get started? Call us at 1 425 256 2393 or 425-285-9359 for a 30 minute cloud assessment to help you understand what it will take to resolve your issues.

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