Azure AD

‘Password policies alone are like the vain effort of adding an extra padlock on the front door to prevent burglary, while the backdoor is still wide open.’

Employees use multiple applications – those that you deploy and commercial applications that they install to increase their productivity. Are you sure you know what applications your employees are using and on what device they are using them? How do you empower your workforce to be productive and protect your most important asset – your and your clients’ data?

Your Identity is important, secure it!

The Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) is a cloud solution that enables Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and allows IT to create and manage policies that govern data access across all devices used.

Azure Active Directory Premium (a component of EMS) is a comprehensive identity and access management cloud solution. It combines directory services, advanced identity governance and application access management.

Azure AD Premium allows you to manage access to both; internal business applications and the mobile applications that you have approved within your organization. Whether you are using DocuSign,, or SAP you can configure Azure AD Premium to enable Single sign-on to all approved applications. You can easily eliminate user access, should an individual leave your organization, with one change in Azure AD Premium. Protecting highly secure information is easy with Multi-factor Authentication. You can require the use of both a password and a confirming code that is sent to their mobile before they access sensitive applications.

Are you currently using or have plans to use Office 365?  Consider evaluating Azure Active Directory Premium as a part of your overall solution. That’s what FHI 360, a current Office 365 user, chose to do.

Anyone with an Office 365 environment already has an Azure AD installation in the background,” says Douglas Wilkins, Director of IT Infrastructure at FHI 360. “That’s the beauty of it. Enabling the Premium service is just a matter of selecting the capabilities you want.”

FHI 360 uses Cloud App Discovery to identify all the cloud apps and services that are being used within the organization, so it can guide users to preferred software-as-a-service applications that the solution manages for single sign-on and access. It uses Azure AD Application Proxy to give remote users’ greater access to its on-premises apps without incurring greater risk.

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